Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

(This should have been posted last week but remained a draft thanks to my ignorance of options via mobile device. =/ Thanks for your patience and understanding!)

Here I am again, nearly the end of May and sooo much has been keeping me on my toes lately, but I guess that’s nothing new. While I wanted to attempt my first Wordless Wednesday post, I had to be realistic and let it all out. I literally had a list of posts that I’ve been meaning to write since last month. Because  procrastination is the greatest thief of time, I decided it was best to not let myself be robbed any more. So I’ll go ahead and get right to sharing! {Depending on how much rambling I do, I may cut it short to not bore you. ;-)}

April flew right by, and while I wished for warmer weather, I’m very happy with the gradual transition of the seasons this year, although winter did seem to drag on endlessly.  We even had snowfall well into spring.

With Memorial Day less than a week away, the temps in these parts have still been up and down.  But no complaints on my end. I’m enjoying life as it comes, one day at a time.

We enjoyed quite a few birthdays in April. My middle son turned the big 1-0 on the 8th. Because of my absent-mindedness, I thought I had all the ingredients for baking a cake, but I didn’t. My husband with his quick thinking suggested using the glazed donuts we had on hand {not a regular thing around here} and stacking them into a cake. I believe my son enjoyed that more than I expected!

For 12 days I had two 10 year olds. As they get older they get a kick out of it, fooling the unknowing by saying they’re twins. We get asked that regularly anyway which baffles me, but hey I guess Irish twins counts for something.

With my oldest son turning 11 on the 20th of April, reality struck and I was feeling bittersweet…my babies are growing but I appreciate their childhood innocence.

Mostly unaffected by the over-saturation of electronics and technology in this age, my son wanted nothing more than a science set {microscope/telescope, etc.} I bask in my children’s easy-to-please contentment whenever possible.

I say this all the time but while I enjoy watching them all develop and learn and become more independent, I do miss their need of, and total dependence on, me when they were infants, toddlers, etc. I do feel their need of me is different at this age. I do my best to guide them in the right direction and set a good example. The difficult part is watching them make decisions that are against everything they’ve been taught, and letting them suffer the consequences. That’s life, though: a learning experience. And it’s not always easy. *sigh*

Well, with my little ones growing, weather changing and me making every effort to enjoy my blessings while being a blessing, I must say my family has been favored beyond measure. I thank God for being so gracious and merciful.  Even though my days seem long and hectic I can always start and end my day with a heartfelt “Thank You, Lord”. Those are words I need to express every day.

What words can’t you help but share?