Passionately Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness


Along the line of my career, both as a social worker and cosmetologist, I have had coworkers as well as clients share with me their battles with breast cancer. At their times of weakness, they too have reached within to find their inner confidence and beauty even when they felt they had none left. While some have unfortunately succumbed to the disease, they have left behind a legacy that reminds me of the strength they had to face their struggles confidently, one day at a time.

It is such resolve that empowers women and sparks a passion to fight: for health, for family, for survival, and for supporting other women.

What fuels your passion?

Not All Scars Are Visible: Domestic Violence Awareness

During my very early years of motherhood, I was the victim of domestic violence, although I didn’t immediately think I was. Though not physically abused, I hadn’t realized I was experiencing other forms of abuse: mental & emotional. During that time of my life I was a social worker, helping pregnant women obtain health insurance and prenatal care. I noticed similarities between the abusive relationships some of the women were in, & my own. Honestly there were times I felt helpless, wondering how I could be in a career helping women improve their situations yet failing to help myself.

As my eyes were opened, and confrontations escalated, I knew there was a choice to be made, not only for my own safety and well-being but for the sake of my children and their futures. Thankfully I had the support of family and friends. When I made my decision to break free from such a negative person, I was amazed at how much positivity embraced me all around. I had to work at re-building my self-esteem, getting back to the young woman that once overflowed with confidence and ambition.

From that point onward I wanted to truly help women overcome and find confidence and beauty within themselves. That is true beauty. I transitioned careers and studied cosmetology. For many people, especially women, positive self esteem begins with our mirror reflection. When we look good we feel better about ourselves. I am now happily married to a real man, who loves me just the way I am, and is a loving father and positive role model to my children.

I am proud to be part of an organization that supports women and children worldwide and makes an effort to bring an end to domestic violence. For more information about The Mary Kay Foundation visit today!

Awareness Empowers

October is a month that marks awareness for a lot of causes and events throughout the world. These include breast cancer, domestic violence, pregnancy and infant loss, Hispanic heritage and I’m sure there are plenty more. These are ones I thought about that have influenced me in one way or another. This week I will be explaining how each one is important to me & how they have made a positive impact in my life. I want to bring awareness to these causes. It is the best way to empower others who may need support.

Do you support any causes or events that bring awareness to something dear to your heart?