Question Authority

I started getting the Sunday paper about a month ago. My main reason was to have my children, especially my sixth grader, do current events reports like I remember doing in sixth grade. Reviewing his schoolwork and homework I felt like the education system has eliminated a lot of useful areas for children. It confuses me but instead of bashing the system I proudly embrace my role in being my children’s first teacher. I have homeschooled for about two years before but more on that some other time.

My second reason for buying the Sunday paper is to cut coupons. I remember happily clipping away with my scissors as a youngster while Mom told me which coupons she wanted. I followed suit and my daughter proudly organized them by type. I plan on getting into Couponing to cut back on expenses. I’m not sure yet how extreme I’ll take it but any little bit helps until I get better at it.

One bonus to the Sunday paper that I forgot about is the comics! I loved reading through the comics as a kid and I learned to draw with comics, among other things. I still get a good kick out of the simple humor found in the comics section. And if there’s one thing that’s needed after reading through a mix of local, national, international, business, political news is a good laugh, no matter how brief.

So while skimming through I saw this comic which perfectly depicts my thoughts as a mother at times:

question authority

No I’m not raising my children to be defiant of authority. I emphasize respect at all times. What I don’t want them to do is settle for less than their potential because some “authority” says they can’t. I want them to question the restrictions placed on their dreams by statistics. I want them to reach for The Authority that has a plan for them, now and in the future. (Jeremiah 29:11) And if there is a question I want them to ask of Him is “Lord, what will You have me do?”

Just the other day, my 11 year old frustratingly asked “why was I even born?” Part of it was due to me saying “No” to a request of his. {He doesn’t like that word very much.} As the oldest child, he likes things his way or…his way. That may be why we butt heads often…the apple doesn’t fall far! 😉 But hearing his questioning and realizing it could be deeper than a come-back response to My authority, I had a talk with him. 

I explained that it’s okay to not know what our purpose is until we’ve experienced life. I’m a grown up {most times…more of a Big Kid at heart} and even though I’m a wife, mom and cosmetologist I still question what my purpose is. He agreed that spending time reading God’s Word and praying would help him get to know God better while learning God’s purpose for him. 

While I may have a temporary authority over them now, God has entrusted me with their care to point them in His direction, The Authority of all. The most amazing thing is that God does not abuse his authority, as we humans so easily do. Instead He lets us make the choice whether we will follow His guidance or not. What a blessing it is to ask of Him and receive. (Matthew 7:7, John 15:7, James 4:3)

So while sometimes I have to lay down the law and not give in to the questioning of My authority, I go to The One who has the ultimate authority knowing that I can ask anything of Him and He will lovingly answer. (James 1:5)

Do you feel questioning authority is acceptable? Necessary at times? Have you ever questioned authority? What was the outcome?

Share your answers in the comments below.

Be blessed!

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