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My name is Grace. My life journey is filled with numerous adventures as a wife and mother. Those titles are both privileges and blessings that have improved my life. It’s what I think of as grace in action, every day, literally and figuratively.

Having a previous background in social work, I changed careers to become a licensed cosmetologist and beauty consultant. I enjoy helping others look and feel their best as well as connecting with other women and mothers. My creative side leads me to cooking, crafting, sewing and almost any type of DIY (do-it-yourself) project. I have always enjoyed the expressive art of written word. So I first started blogging in 2011 to share my knowledge of beauty care beyond where I stand behind the chair.

My writings expanded beyond business so I started (My Life is) Full of Grace as my outlet to present a glimpse into all aspects of my blessed life as a woman, wife and mother. I don’t deserve my blessings but God has filled my life with so many they overflow. My hope is to share my blessings with others in an uplifting way. So if what you find on my blog encourages, inspires and motivates you, or simply puts a smile on your face, then I thank you for taking the time and allowing me the opportunity to share my experiences with you.


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  1. Michael
    Michael January 20, 2014 at 10:54 pm | | Reply

    Hi Grace! Thanks for commenting! I wanted to e-mail you back but you come up as a no-reply and I couldn’t find an e-mail address. I started blogging in 2011 too and cooking is my absolute favorite hobby.

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